The Supreme Knight is the title of the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of the Knights of Columba.

Since its founding in 1919, there have been 31 Supreme Knights. Brother Bertie Grogan is the current Supreme Knight incumbent, holding this position since October 2017.

Each Supreme Knight is elected for up to a three-year term if ‘voted in’ annually (inexceptional circumstances this can be longer). Working alongside him is a Deputy Supreme Knight who is a fellow member of the Board of Directors who is voted in. He supports the Supreme Knight and may attend events in his place if called upon.

The Office of the Supreme Knight carries with it many duties including chairing Supreme Council and Board Meetings, financial responsibility for the day to day running of the order and Head Office, visiting and meeting Brothers from across the Order, representing the Knights at formal ceremonies, writing monthly articles, reviewing internal publications and external media announcements, dealing with important day to day issues or disputes, etc.

Once a Supreme Knight completes his term of office his work does not stop there. As Immediate Past Supreme Knight he stays on the Board and acts as a consigliere to ensure smooth transition and oversees the day to day financial affairs of the Order. Past Supreme Knights are well respected and may be called upon to undertake special projects as required by the Supreme Knight.

Our current Supreme Knight

Brother Bertie M. Grogan

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