Spirituality & Welfare is central to Knights activities as we practice our faith through shared Prayer, Scripture readings, Holy Mass, Retreats, Pilgrimages, Seminars, etc. Knights can be seen in action when we arrange stewarding as required for Church, Civic, relic and papal events. We hold annual local Masses for our deceased members and their families. In addition, we come together in our hundreds from all parts of the British Isles for our Biennial Mass at Liverpool Cathedral.


The welfare of the Clergy, our Brothers and their families is of key importance as we strive to maintain ‘Faith, Family and Fraternity’. As Lay Apostles, we strive to strengthen and deepen our own Faith and spread the Good News. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we strive to support our Clergy, Parish’s and our fellow Knights in their own mission. In our daily prayers, and especially during the Rosary, we pray for sick and deceased Brothers and their families. We especially pray for,

  • For those affected by Abortion – We think of the unborn child, denied a right to life.
  • For the victims of Euthanasia – That decide (or told) they are not worthy to live.
  • For those the Lawmakers – That they might listen to our plea and act in good faith.
  • For those in the caring profession - That they might find the strength of mind and body.
  • For the Community of all faiths - That they may unite for peace and reconciliation.


We believe that EVERY LIFE MATTERS, from conception to a natural death, that is God’s will, not mankind's. From time to time, there will be various needs and requests for assistance. These may include:

  • Help and advice to a Member or their dependants (especially when the Member is deceased).
  • Help to students studying for the Priesthood, Permanent Diaconate or the Religious life.
  • Organising visits to sick Members or to Widows; organising transport to Meetings or Mass for sick, disabled or elderly Members and fellow Parishioners wherever possible.
  • Arranging gifts to Widows and Dependants of Deceased Members and assessing the needs of Widows and Dependants of Deceased Members.
  • Where appropriate instigating assistance from the Benevolent Fund, making an application on behalf of a Member or his Dependants, to alleviate hardship or distress among the beneficiaries, promote welfare, or contribute towards education or training etc.

To find out more please email welfare@ksc.org.uk or contact the Welfare Team by clicking in the image below.


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