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Becoming a Knight is a privilege but also one that can transform your spiritual and social life. As a practicing Catholic man, if you have an interest serving your parish and Diocese, helping those less fortunate than yourself, developing your own faith and being part of a Brotherhood of like-minded Catholic friends then, the Knights of St Columba could be ideal for you.

Family is at the heart of a Knights Catholic life. Following in our family’s faith we are first baptised as children and go on to choose to receive the other sacraments and develop our Faith. As Knights, we seek to develop our Parish and Catholic life along with our ‘Brothers’ and our families. Joining the order need not be onerous, you can give as much or as little time as your working/family life allows.

Standing together in Faith, with our Families by our side, in our Fraternity, we will continue to make a difference and be a force for good. Joining the Knights will help you to;

  • Deepen your own spirituality through prayer, good works and friendship.
  • Develop a new circle of Catholic friends and a more active social life.
  • Be welcomed and valued regardless of age, ethnicity, and mobility.
  • Be supported in your own Parish and to develop your God given talents.
  • Be part of the decision-making process regarding projects to support.
  • Be an active campaigner for Pro-family and Pro-life issues.

God is calling you to serve so please have the generosity to answer his call!

How You Can Join Us

To register your interest in finding out more you can contact by any of the following ways;

  • Email membership@ksc.org.uk
  • Fill out the Membership Enquiry Form on our Home Page (click <<here>>)
  • Call our Head Office 0141 883 5700.

We will then answer any questions and put you in touch with your nearest Knights Council.


Once you become a Knight, your journey begins. As a probationary Knight, you are introduced to all the Brothers in your Council and will soon ‘buddy up’ with one of them and start learning more about the workings of the Council. You will quickly establish which area interests you most, or where you are most needed. After one year’s service, if you are deemed worthy by your Brothers, you will be promoted to full Knighthood. The Knighthood ceremony is usually undertaken in your local Church along with invited family and friends.

The Membership & Development Director and his team, regularly reviews and updates the Order with literature and ongoing training manuals which can be viewed online on the Members Only page (only open to Members of the Order). The training program was devised to assist Officers and Brothers develop their knowledge of the Order, and any roles they may undertake.

It very important that new Brothers joining understand what we do and why we do it. They will be encouraged to be an active part of the team and know that new ideas are welcomed and supported. This aids retention and development which in turn means that Councils will prosper and grow.

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