KSC Headlines >>> November 26th 2020 - Feast Mass with a difference! Mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day changes for this year. See our Events page for more details   -----   October 23rd 2020 - KSC and SPUC join forces to promote "Lend a Helping Hand Initiative". See more below and in Latest News   -----   June 15 2020 - The Order launches it's Faith - Family - Fraternity Initiative   -----   May 2020 - The Order is rededicated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Rosary is held every Monday during May   -----    13th May 2020 - "Light a candle for the deceased" - The Director for Spirituality& Welfare asks everyone to join us in lighting a candle for all of our deceased. (see "What We Do/Action News" for more details)   -----   23rd April 2020 - SPUC and Catholic Concern release articles and letters about "Abortion at Home" (click on SPUC at the bottom of the page for more details


What does Media do?

To support our mission and communicate and co-ordinate our activities we have our own ‘in house’ media department. The team are headed up by a Supreme Director for Media, who like the other Directors is up for election each year at Supreme Council.

The media team are responsible for;

  • Formatting and updating this website.
  • Sending out a monthly internal bulletin to the Order.
  • Formatting, editing and publishing a quarterly colour ‘Columba Magazine’ to Members of the Order, Widows and the Clergy.
  • Formatting and publishing an external e-columba mailshot every two months.
  • Managing a media budget.
  • Looking after the KSC Social Media channels.
  • Generating imagery to support various causes, seminars, Rosaries, events.
  • Producing Certificates for Youth & Young People's competitions.
  • Organising Zoom Meetings, Seminars, Conferences, etc.
  • Providing a quarterly report to the Board of Directors.

If you have any relevant stories or events (especially with good quality photographs) that you would like to appear in our Columba Magazine, please email columba.magazine@ksc.org.uk or if you wish to go on our mailing list please email media@ksc.org.uk

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