The Knights of St Columba are members of I.A.C.K. (The International Alliance of Catholic Knights). We were one of the founding members back on 12th October 1979 at a meeting in Glasgow. The Orders represented were the Knights of Columbus, Knights of Saint Columbanus, Knights of the Southern Cross Australia, Knights of the Southern Cross New Zealand and the Knights of Saint Columba.

This meeting resolved that these Fraternal Orders would found an International Alliance for the purpose of working together for the mutual advantage of the individual Member Orders and the extension of Catholic Knighthood throughout the world. It was agreed the Supreme Knight or National President of each Member Order would form an International Council which would meet annually and be responsible for the organisation and development of the new Alliance.

Like the Knights of St Columba, all members of I.A.C.K. are compelled to support the Doctrine of the Catholic Church. They support the moral and social welfare of our individual Countries. In our world today, we certainly need to support our Pope, our Bishops, Our Priests and other Religious. We also support our Lay Members of the Church through our principles of Faith - Family - Fraternity.

The current president of I.A.C.K. is our past Supreme Knight Bro Charlie McCluskey.

The purpose of I.A.C.K. is to bring the message of Christ to all people

  • to support the Pope and the Bishops, Priests and Religious throughout the world;
  • to nurture the faith of its Members and of Catholics in general, encouraging them to play a generous part in the life and mission of the Church;
  • to foster the unity of its Members through prayer, and to promote the establishment of Orders of Catholic Knights where they do not yet exist.

It is strongly committed to defending the dignity of life in every phase, promoting social justice, and calling for vigilance in relation to genetic engineering, cloning and their unpredictable consequences. In its evangelising work, I.A.C.K. gives ample scope to cooperating with other Catholic International Organisations.

Below is a full list of all the Member Orders of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights:

The Knights of St Columba - Great Britain

The Knights of Columbus - United States of America

The Knights of St Columbanus - Ireland (North and South)

Knights of the Southern Cross - Australia

Knights of the Southern Cross - New Zealand

Knights of Marshall - Ghana

Knights of Da Gama - South Africa

Knights of Mulumba - Nigeria

Knights of Peter Claver - United States of America

Knights of Ss Peter and Paul - Gambia

Please feel free to click on their names to find out more about them.


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