Social Events

Every year our Councils and Provinces hold social events that we invite people from outside the Order to join us on.

These include quizzes, barbeques, parties, shows, bingo, and so on.

We primarily use these functions to raise fund for local charities.


National Action Project

Every 2 or 3 years we raise funds for a National or International well known charity. We hold many events to raise funds for this single cause and invariable raise thousands of pounds for that Charity.

Take a look at our NATIONAL ACTION PROJECT page for more details.

KSC Funds

We have a number of funds that we put money into every year. These funds are then used to help those suffering financial hardship. These funds are very specific to the Order and to the Catholic Community.

However we do listen with an open mind to any appeal to our funds and, where we can, will donate money to that cause. You can find out more about these Funds and how you can help us with them on our DONATE page.


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