These days Parish Priests often cover more than one Parish and as a result their time is extremely limited. This is were an active Knights of St Columba Council can be of great assistance.

By working closely with the Clergy, we can arrange a number of activities that benefit the Clergy, the Parish and which can also help grow our Order as more men see us being active and want to help.

Throughout Great Britain, hundreds of Knights help the Clergy. Here are a just a few examples;

  • Stewarding at local Masses.
  • Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist
  • Readers at Mass
  • Members of Local Parish Council
  • Tea & Coffee rota.
  • Money Counting rota.
  • Fundraising for Parish appeals.
  • Organising transport to Mass for sick, disabled or elderly Parishioners.
  • Food banks and food delivery
  • Support prayer evenings and catechetic support.
  • Stewarding at Civic events and Relic tours.
  • Supporting students studying for the Priesthood, permanent diaconate or the religious life.
  • Arranging and supporting pilgrimages.
  • Support to Pro-life initiatives.
  • Church Grounds maintenance.

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