Our work as Lay Apostles is at the forefront of the Order’s Aims and Objectives.

This work has been appreciated by the Hierarchies of England/Wales and Scotland to whom we give our full support.

The Order contains a great amount of expertise on many subjects, and at all levels, and it is our duty to make good use of that expertise. By the promotion of our Action Policy we will be in a far better position to recruit new Members, and therefore have more workers for the vineyard.

Action is the process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim. The Knights set out a detailed action plan each year to reach our Local and National goals.

The social aspect our yearly plan is just as important because it is through working together and socialising together that firm bonds and life-long friendships are created.

Our supportive families get to meet, understand and support our goals as well as having fun. It is through the Action and Social activities that Knights work together and truly become ‘Brothers’.

Our Action Activities

Below is a list of all of our Action & Social activities. Click on whichever you want to esplore more:




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