T H E   O R D E R   O F   T H E   K N I G H T S   O F   S T   C O L U M B A
Serve God by Serving Others

We welcome active Catholic men from 16 years upwards that wish to follow their faith and put it in to action. Please join us in our second century of service.  

As a Knight of St Columba you would focus on three things….Faith, Family and Fraternity.  

The Catholic Faith is what unites us and nourishes us. Knights that pray together, stay together. The Order encourages all Brothers to play an active role in the Faith Life of their communities by prayer, action and social activities. The Order's purpose is to work closely with the Hierarchy and Clergy in promoting the teachings of Jesus Christ in all things appertaining to the Catholic Faith. In other words to actively support our clergy, Bishops and Archbishops in any way they need.  
Family is at the heart of a Knights Catholic life. Following in our families faith we are first baptised as children and go on to choose to receive the other sacraments and develop our Faith. As Knights, we seek to strengthen Family life through building involvement of our Members and families in the lives of their Parishes. We are pro-family and pro-life.  
By joining The Knights of St Columba you will develop a new circle of Catholic friends and a more active social life. Regardless of age, race and mobility we will welcome you and look to harness your God given talents. We arrange various fundraising events and social events throughout the year to help raise money for local good causes and centrally via our National Action Project. You can be part of the decision making process that decides what causes to support and by working together towards a common goal it will creates a strong bond of fraternity with the new friends who become ‘Brothers’.  
For more details on membership or to know where your nearest Knights are based please email membership@ksc.org.uk