T H E   O R D E R   O F   T H E   K N I G H T S   O F   S T   C O L U M B A
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The Knights of St Columba and Corona Virus (COVID19) Latest News
17th March 2020
Dear Brothers 
Given the escalation in cases of COVID-19 over these last few days, myself and the Trustees of the Order have taken the difficult decision to formally suspend ALL meetings of the Knights of St Columba UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE from the Supreme Knight.In light of the Governments briefings both medical and scientific. 
We would ask that during this period Councils make a special effort to keep in contact especially by telephone or Email with those Brothers and widows who we know may be without family at this worrying time.I have attached a pdf “ViralKindness” (thanks to Becky Wass), which is linked at the bottom of the page. This card can be used by younger Brothers to contact older brothers, widows and their older neighbours. Please do not forget your local clergy and Hierarchy at this time. 
We would advise that Councils seriously consider cancelling any events they may have organised during this emergency to help reduce the spread of the virus. 
Grand National Draw 
All horse racing has been cancelled including the Grand National. This means we cannot go ahead with the draw in its current format. 
Having discussed this matter with the Trustees and Supreme Director for Action, listening also to comments from my Board of Directors I am cancelling the GND until a later time in the year possibly in June. The format will be same as last year where we pulled tickets from the drum that is in use for years in Head Office.  
This draw will have a Video (which will appear on our YouTube Channel) and be linked to from this site, but will also be verified by independent Directors including myself.Winners will be notified from Head Office as normal. 
A Prayer in Times of Danger 
His Grace Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP, Ecclesiastical Advisor has forwarded to us this Prayer. Please keep all Brothers, families, widows in mind as you say it, particularly older Brothers of the Order. 

May the Blessed Mother and St Columba guide us all and keep us healthy at this time and in the future. 
Fraternal regards 
Bertie M Grogan 
Supreme Knight
Whilst we do not activelty stream Masses on our site, the services below do stream Masses on a Daily Basis and with Public Masses being postponed, we thought it would be great if we told you about these services so that you can use them to still see Mass being celebrated.

EWTN - The global Catholic Television Service (available on some TV Providers) - https://www.ewtn.com/

Mass Online.Org - Provide a daily list of Masses being streamed - https://mass-online.org/

Church Services TV - Providing a daily list of Masses and other services being streamed and from which Churches (includes Ireland) - https://www.churchservices.tv/

Disclaimer - The Knights of St Columba are not responsible for content, cookies, use or problems with any of the sites listed above. We are only providing details of these service available.
It is such a sad thing that there are some people who feel that they can use something as terrible as this pandemic to scam honest people from their goods/money.  Alas this is a bitter truth to the society we live in.  We must continue to pray that this scourge is stopped.

However we thought it best to warn you of the latest set of scams that are doing the rounds at this time and the best advice.

Please see HERE for the latest news from London Police. 

And remember, if you are not sure:

DO NOT give out your bank details over the phone
DO NOT invite strangers into your home
DO contact your providers to ensure that they are indeed contacting you
DO contact your providers if someone unannounced shows up at your door to ensure they are from that company.
and most of all

DO contact the Police if you feel unsafe or are unsure or indeed need to report anything suspicious.