T H E   O R D E R   O F   T H E   K N I G H T S   O F   S T   C O L U M B A
Serve God by Serving Others

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2nd October 2019 - The Supreme Knight, Deputy Supreme Knight and Ecclesiastical Advisor visit Rome. Go to "Latest News" to find out more. ----- 5th October 2019 - The KSC announces it's new National Action Project. Go to "What We Do / Action" to find out more. ----- 5th October 2019 - The KSC celebrates it's 100th year as an Order. Go to "Latest News" to find out more. ----- 28th December 2019 - The KSC joins the International Alliance of Catholic Knights "Rosary Around the World for the Unborn" Campaign. Go to "Events" to find out more. -----
5th and 6th October 2019 - KSC's 97th Supreme Council and Centenary Banquet were held in Glasgow.
Supreme Knight Brother Bertie Grogan, Deputy Supreme Knight Brother Harry Welsh and our                                                                           Ecclesiastical Advisor His Grace Malcolm McMahon Archbishop of Liverpool visit with the Holy Father in Rome.
Worthy Immediate Past Supreme Knight elected as President of the International Alliance of Catholic Knights
On Wednesday 9th October 2019 at the International Alliance of Catholic Knights Biennial Conference Brother Charlie McCluskey, the Immediate Past Supreme Knight of the Knights of St Columba was elected as President of I.A.C.K. 
Brother Charlie will serve as President for 2 years from October 2019 to October 2021. It was fitting that this should happen as Brother Charlie is a native of Glasgow and the I.A.C.K. Conference was this year held also in Glasgow. 
Brother Charlie gave the following as part of his address after being elected: 
"I am absolutely delighted to give my first address as International President here in my native city in a venue I have a small soft spot for.  
I am truly Honoured that my brothers both at home and overseas deemed to give me the privilege of leading the Alliance especially during the Centenary year of my own Order the KSC  
Can I from the heart say  
I am very humbled by your support and I promise to do my best to serve you in these coming two years." 
We wish Brother Charlie every success in his time as President and very much look forward to working with him in the future. 
IACK is made up of all the Knights Orders throughout the World. You can learn more about them <<HERE>>.

On Saturday 5th October 2019 the Order held it's 97th Supreme Council Meeting. Our Supreme Council is like an AGM, but with a slight difference.  
We still do all the same as other AGMs do but we restrict who can come along to Brothers of the Order and selected guests. 
This year saw a larger turnout, especially from visiting Clergy, and Brothers all there to help us celebrate our 100th Year as a Lay Organisation of the Catholic Church in Great Britain. 
The weekend culminated in our Centenary Banquet. This was held at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel and had 450 guests come along to it. 
Guests to the banquet were treated to a 3 course dinner, drinks and entertainment as well as some awards being presented. 
Everyone who came along said how much they loved the events and were glad they came along.
On 2nd October 2019 our Supreme Knight Brother Bertie Grogan, along with our Deputy Supreme Knight Brother Harry Welsh and our Ecclesiastical Advisor His Grace Malcolm McMahon, Archbishop of Liverpool, took a journey to the Vatican City in Rome. 
Whilst there they were introduced by His Grace Archbishop Malcolm to the Holy Father and presented Him with a picture of St Columba that had been commissioned for this visit. 
The Holy Father spoke with our delegates and congratulated the Order on achieving a great milestone for the Church. 
Above are some of the images of the day.
I.A.C.K. requests all Catholic Knight Orders, including the KSC to join them on Saturday 28th December for the Rosary Around The World for the Unborn.
CAFOD releases "How do you eat yours" YouTube video for World Fast Day.
KSC Celebrates it's Centenary Celebrations with a Pilgrimage to Iona - Resting place of our Patron Saint Columba
The International Alliance of Catholic Knights (IACK) invites all its member Orders 
To join in a day of prayer to our Holy Mother on the Feast of the Holy Innocents, 28th December 2019. 
We pray for the right of all unborn children to be born and to live their lives in freedom and justice through to a natural death. 
We ask that Knights and Ladies along with friends, families, parishes and like minded groups and organisations throughout the world, join in saying the Rosary during the Feast Day and conclude with the following prayer. 
Ever living God, you made the Blessed Virgin Mary the new Eve and Mother of all who live, and your eternal Word took flesh in her womb, making her into a Sanctuary for Life itself: 
Through her intercession, grant that all unborn children, like St John the Baptist, may leap in their mothers wombs; 
Through her merits, give to all expectant mothers the virtues and graces they need so as to become like Mary, living sanctuaries of new life; 
And through her prayers, bestow on us your help and protection in order that we might also be faithful bearers of your word, prudently proclaiming the Gospel of Life in what we say and what we do. 
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.

On 13th February 2020 Brother James Turley of Council 91 - Blackpool sent this message -  
"As you may be aware CAFOD’s Family Fast Day this Lent is Friday 6th March.  
Jonathan, one of our teachers from St John Vianey Catholic Primary School, and his family have produced a humerous 53 second Youtube video to promote the event.  
I thought that the Supreme Knight, all the brothers in The Order and everybody in Head Office might break a smile when you see this.  
How Do You Eat Yours? | CAFOD  
Hold a family soup supper this CAFOD Family Fast Day. Find out more: https://cafod.org.uk/soup --- Whether you're a scooper, a slurper or a dunker, host a fa...  
My wife works as his teacher's assistant. She has obtained his permission for us all to watch the video and share it on Facebook. Please could I ask you to obtain the necessary permissions from the Supreme Knight and send this out to all councils (and anybody else who you think like to see this).  
Yours Fraternally,  
James Turley