T H E   O R D E R   O F   T H E   K N I G H T S   O F   S T   C O L U M B A
Serve God by Serving Others

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6th March 2020 - KSC Mourns the passing of Member of Honour Emeritus Archbishop Peter Smith - Archbishop of Southwark --- 13th February 2020 - CAFOD releases YouTube video in support of Family Fast Day - Go to "Latest News" to see more ----- 2nd October 2019 - The Supreme Knight, Deputy Supreme Knight and Ecclesiastical Advisor visit Rome. Go to "Latest News" to find out more. ----- 5th October 2019 - The KSC announces it's new National Action Project. Go to "What We Do / Action" to find out more. ----- 5th October 2019 - The KSC celebrates it's 100th year as an Order. Go to "Latest News" to find out more.
1919 - 2019
A Century of Service to the Catholic Church; Parishes and Communities throughout Britain. Loyalty to the Pope, the Hierarchy, Priests and Religious.

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We welcome you to the Knights of St Columba's national website as you enlighten our abode with your warmth and smiley nature.  
We are truly grateful to you for your visit here and hope to have memorable moments throughout your visit.
Purpose of the Order of 
the Knights of St Columba 

The Order's purpose is to work closely with the Hierarchy and Clergy in promoting the teachings of Jesus Christ in all things appertaining to the Catholic Faith and to be committed to the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. 
Mission Statement 
The Knights of St Columba is an Order of Catholic men bound together in Charity, Unity and Fraternity in order to enrich their own faith and spirituality and by their own words and actions to proclaim the spiritual, moral and social message of the Catholic Church.

Founded in Glasgow Scotland in the year 1919, the Knights of Saint Columba is the largest Catholic fraternal service organisation of its kind in Britain. 
The Order is named after the missionary Saint Columba of Ireland. The pious saint helped to bring Christianity to the people of Northern Britain. 
Our membership cuts across people from different walks of life, who by dedication, share in the principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. 
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30th August to 18th September - Relics of St Therese of Liseux to Visit Scotland 
Read all about it <<HERE>> 
The Order held it's 97th Supreme Council and Centenary Banquet at the Glasgow Marriott Hotel in Glasgow City Centre, the birthplace of the Knights of St Columba.  Read more about it <<HERE>>
28th December 2018 - Rosary Around the World for the Unborn Rosary Campaign Launched in conjunction with I.A.C.K. 
At a request from our Immediate Past Supreme Knight and President of I.A.C.K. Brother Charlie McCluskey called for all Knights Orders around the globe to join together for a day of praying the Rosary for the Unborn on 28th December 2019.
Read all about it <<HERE>>
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